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GOP: Just Say No to Liberal Moderators

silvereagle Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 7:43 AM
The OP has got to "grow a pair" and stop being waylaid by the left. They often ALLOW themselves to be set up and act as if they are afraid to say anything about it. Come on guys!

This year, Americans are being subjected to another presidential election season of unfair and unbalanced debates.

After two debates, the American public has seen liberal Jim Lehrer of PBS exercising no control over the proceedings and liberal Martha Raddatz of ABC allowing Vice President Joe Biden to interrupt Congressman Paul Ryan 82 times.

Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have done well in debate environments that were not fair. In the first debate, Governor Mitt Romney clearly won with an outstanding performance; however, Lehrer allowed President Obama four additional minutes of air time....

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