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Companies Are Evil, So It's OK to Lie about Them

silvereagle Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 8:18 AM
It's "revisionism". The truth doesn't fit the established narrative at the time so they embellish it, delete it, or "retool" it to suit their agenda. That's why liberal progressivism is such a farce. It's all based on what is politically known as "spin" but is what we in the real world call lies. The saddest thing of all is that when they've been proven to be demonstrably false, they just don't care. Just look at the Benghazi case and the killing of our Ambassador +3. Pure bs from top to bottom for weeks and they just kept it up until finally, finally enough questions were asked to where the lie collapsed from it's own weight.

President Obama presented himself to the nation in 2008 as something new -- a change agent who would bring fresh ideas to our national challenges and solve problems in a post-partisan, unifying fashion.

In fact, as some noted at the time, his ideas were decrepit hand-me-downs, about as novel as disco or the leisure suit. He is a conventional, left-wing statist, George McGovern with a bigger smile, eager to bring ever-larger segments of American life under tight government control and direction. As for unity, his presidency has set new records for contemning the opposition -- a disdain histrionically pantomimed by Joe...