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After Debate Disaster Hollywood to the Rescue

silvereagle Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 6:59 AM
Many of the east/west coast celebs have done serious damage to their reputations and brands and have lost and will continue to lose revenue as well as credibility because now the folks know who they truly are and what they really believe. If BHO wins it'll continue to be a massive lovefest until the next liberal progressive Presidential candidate announces for 2016. If he loses they'll make all kinds of excuses, blame everyone for being fundamentally stupid and then later try to reehab their reputations. They depend on knee-jerk self satisfaction and forgiveness from we lesser beings and the folks just aren't that stupid. Unfortunately for the celebs you can't "deprogram" ignorance. There's no app for that.

After a pathetic debate performance, liberals are no longer so confident that Barack Obama is a lock for re-election. Until the showdown on stage in Denver, liberals had been quite confident their man would prevail, citing battleground state polls that favored the President. Seems they popped the champagne bottles too early as new polls show Romney received a bump from his strong showing in the first debate.

 With a weakened President now exposed as an empty suit, liberals are scared that the debate may have changed the dynamics of the race. They...

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