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Debunked: Three New Democrat Lies

siler Wrote: May 25, 2012 4:16 AM
What about Obama's traitorous-treasonous lawsuits against; AL, AZ, GA, IN, MS, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA Because of their patriotic pro-American laws-rules, against illegal-alien-invaders, for voter id ! Drasticly cut Govt spending, remove all major-tax-loopholes that big-corporations, wealthy investors have been using to avoid paying their fair share ! After doing that, the economy recovers, then we could consider raising capital gains taxes for "earnings-$$-above" a certain amount per year. Obama is an anti-American fake-phoney-fraud, with all kiinds of highly-propagandized-Super-PC-sounding, highly-covered-up-hidden, NWO-directed-political-social-economic-sovereignty-military-foreign-policies-issues-agendas-plans-aims-goals !
siler Wrote: May 25, 2012 4:16 AM
Obamanation = more mass influx of illegal-alien-invaders !

Obamanation = eventual mass-amnesty compromise-deals !

Obamanation = mass-amnestied-illegal-aliens = Democrat landslide majorities !

Obamanation = loss of US sovereignty through loss of
pro-US-majority-citizen-voters to anti-American-Democrat;

leftists-liberals-minorities-Union-members-liberal-elitists, and the massive-hordes-of-invading-pro-Mexican-central-south-American,

naturalized-legal-entries, amnestied-illegal-aliens, turned-US-citizen-voters from Mexico-central-south-America !

Half-truths and partisan dissembling are regular features in American politics, and neither side is blameless in the endless spin cycle.  To paraphrase the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, everyone is entitled to his own opinion -- not his own facts.  Democrats seem to be working harder than usual to invent and misconstrue facts for political advantage.  Let's run through today's distortions and flat-out lies:  (1) An Obama spokesman claimed on CNN that the campaign did not reach out to (fleeting) Democratic apostate Cory Booker to, ahem, "encourage" him to walk back his problematic comments on Sunday's Meet the Press. ...