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Detached From Reality

silentCalfan Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 4:02 AM
This year the Democrats acquired 100% control of California state government. The lunatics are unchained and running the asylum. This will not end well. But the upside is that the house of cards they are constructing will collapse for lack of money, and Democrat supporters will be hurt in the end. Will they learn from the experience? Probably not.

Here’s two ways to think about the “fiscal cliff” deal that just took place in Washington.

You are sitting at dinner and television is on, broadcasting the news. There is one story after another about things you don’t want to hear. Recession. Unemployment. You walk over to the TV, turn it off – or switch to a sitcom or sporting event - and sit back down to finish your meal in peace.

Or a more personal version.

You take your mail out of the mailbox and see the bills that are due. Without opening the envelopes, you throw them into a...