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Saving the Washington Post

silentCalfan Wrote: Aug 10, 2013 12:26 AM
"Rosebud" was the mysterious last word spoken by the dying Citizen Kane. Hugh was trying to make a clever response to Tapper's reference to the movie, combining it with the odd spelling of Bezos' name.
The notion that voters are attracted by "moderate" positions is absurd. Most voters have little or no knowledge about the candidates' positions. Presidential races are basically popularity contests: who do I like, who do I dislike, based on personality and perhaps one or two events. Medved gives far too much credit to the intelligence of the average voter.
Victory is shaped more often by personalities and events than by perceived political philosophy. Incumbent Nixon beat McGovern because he seemed strong and McGovern seemed weak and had a whiny voice. Carter beat incumbent Ford because the economy was bad, and Ford pardoned Nixon. Reagan beat incumbent Carter because the economy was terrible and Carter looked like a weakling next to Reagan (i.e., hostage crisis). GHW Bush beat Dukakis because he was weak on crime and looked like a pipsqueak in the famous tank photo; and the economy was pretty good. Etc. "Moderation" had little to do with these results. All Americans like strong leaders, but can be unforgiving of some decisions.
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Jefferson and Ho

silentCalfan Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 3:17 AM
Ho agreed with Jefferson about gaining independence from a colonial power (France), but rejected our Founders' beliefs in small government and God-given natural rights, including individual liberty. Obama agrees with Ho, not Jefferson.
Detroit can get a federal bailout only if Congress appropriates the money. Any Republican who votes for such a bailout will be voting him/herself out of office.
Mexican politicians are even more two-faced and hypocritical than our own, and ours are corrupt enough.
The only surprising thing in the DC City Council vote is that 5 members had the intelligence to vote against that stupid proposal.
As a prosecutor for more than 30 years I contend that no honest and competent prosecutor would have initiated this prosecution. Every iota of evidence proves a justifiable homicide on the ground of self-defense. So the only question in my mind is whether we will ever learn the details of the corrupt process that resulted in this unjustified prosecution.
Beltway Benko reminds me of some philosophers in Gulliver's Travels; they lived in the clouds and debated points that were utterly disconnected from reality. His bottom line is open borders without regard to the dire consequences.
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America's Sociopath Fetish

silentCalfan Wrote: Jul 12, 2013 1:23 AM
Maybe we should have stopped at the first 10 amendments.
Ted Cruz is the strongest conservative voice in the country. He is more popular with Texans than Perry. And he is much smarter. In debates he will make mince meat out of any Democrat-Socialist candidate.
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