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You Be the Judge: Should Executive Pay Be Capped at Government-Owned Companies?

Silas Longshot Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 8:04 AM
Yep, another brilliant move by the Frenchies....which will further the exodus of 'evil rich' from that miserable bastion of socialist utopia. However there is the point that US government pay scales are crazy overinflated, frequently making more that CEO's of really big, successful free market companies. Now, THAT should be regulated, absolutely, as we all know the government only exists to fatten itself and grow exponentially. Until the government "budget" style is totally revised, so that they're NOT encouraged to spend every dime and demand more for next year, this problem will never go away. surviving urban crisis . com

I’m guilty of usually seeing the world through a rigid prism of right vs wrong. But I think that’s understandable since I’m often writing about clear-cut issues such as the corrupting nature of big government or the foolishness of class-warfare tax policy.

But I periodically come across topics where I’m not sure about the right answer. So I throw these topics out there to see what other people think.

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