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It was a political game from the first day! This tragedy was CHOSEN by the leftist, lapdog media per instructions from the democrat party to blow this thing up, drive the wedge deeper between the races and reinforce, yet again, the plantation owners (that's the democrat party, for the naive out there) hold on the dependent black population. If the population of Ferguson is majority black, why are their 'own people' not prominent or even dominant in the city government / police department?
I reviewed the video again, there actually was what may have been an Uzi, towards the middle of the vid, way back in the shadows on the left side of the screen at the top of the rack. Still, the main focus was the 'evil assault weapons' in general, what they're always pushing.
I see that there was not one single Uzi displayed during that video, but the constant leftist campaign against the 'evil black guns' they are so fond of harping on. I guess the TV 'journalists' wouldn't know an Uzi if they sat on it. No surprise here that the anti-gunners would make hay from this terrible tragedy as soon as possible. There is blame enough for all involved, the parents, the instructor, the arbitrary 'age limit' that each range can decide on, apparently. However, that said, I've personally participated in organized family sport shooting events, Cowboy Action Shooting, where the safety rules are paramount and well practiced, the slightest infraction of which will get you instantly ejected from the match. 10 and 11 year old kids of participants were out there shooting full power double barrel shotguns, lever action rifles and revolvers with the grown ups and as good as some of the adults. The prime difference is that these kids were properly trained and supervised and had the proficiency required to handle these guns safely.
I found it surprising that Swiss banks allowed themselves to be bullied into doing this in the first place. I guess the 'one world banking' system put pressure on them to comply. Now that 10 have bailed, how many more will follow?
What was that, about 30 seconds worth of TV coverage? Apparently, they don't want that to get around much in CA....might give folks some hope to change things, get out from under Moonbeam and be real states again. With ALL your constitutional rights reinstated, like the 2nd, for instance.
Why haven't they shot this scumwad yet?
Yeah.....yeah, exactly. Point #3 is exactly why we have who we have in the white house for the past 6 years. Give this fool a passport. Let him get introduced to those muzlim scum.
Romney lost because he 'played nice' with 0bama because any real criticism of that clown and the press would throw down the race card, which apparently his handlers were scared szhitless to do. I saw a couple moments in that circus where he almost got a little fire in the belly, almost got up into a proper attack the opponent mode. But he never quite got into it. If he ran again, 'maybe' he would remember these points, and with king zero out of the running, he could attack his record and the democrat candidate as trying to make a 3rd term of the same failures we have now.
I have no doubt this tragedy will be fully exploited by the anti-gun rights media for more of the usual negative campaign and propaganda against the right to self defense. The poor girl will be marred for life by this accident, this utterly stupid idea to fire a full auto weapon, probably without ever having fired it at all in a single shot mode. A 9mm caliber pistol, as the Uzi is, doesn't have that bad a recoil for an adult to handle and a 9 year old girl 'could' handle that with proper instruction. But the push from a full auto weapon.....well, we see how well that worked.
Interesting. Wonder if this kind of thing would work in DC?
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