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This political stunt, pushed by the democrats and media, will go nowhere, but WILL waste huge sums of taxpayer money in this bogus case. There are videos all over of this cow, female democrat D.A. (a D.A. in both abbreviations), drunk as 'ell, abusive, uncooperative while in police custody which will sink their own boat in this political pond. We'll see if the first judge (no doubt a liberal democrat, if they can work that out) will simply throw it out, for what it is....pure political games.
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Finding Ferguson

Silas Longshot Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 9:02 AM
An event that happens, sadly, in some ghetto 'hood, somewhere every day. THIS one, however, like the Trevon Martin case, was picked by the media for the same keep the flames of hate well fanned between the races. They are playing the same game, page by page of the same book they wrote in the Martin case, same pictures of the "victim" from 10 years ago before they became a 6'4" 300 pound strong arm thug robbing and assaulting a convenience store clerk, same race pimps, same haters getting face time, same stupid comments from the community organizer, same TRUE facts of the history of the thug killed being labeled character assassination and distraction. Let's watch and see if this kind of thing finally sparks across the nation, triggering king zero declaring martial law and demanding surrender of all legally owned if that would do much against the mobs.
This 'event' was chosen by the media, just as in the Trevon Martin case, to keep the flames of hate going between the races. Like this doesn't happen every day in some neighborhood like this in the US, and ten times as often with black on black killings over extremely stupid zhit. Notice the pattern in both: Day one, the media is screaming white (man, cop, whoever) kills unarmed black teenager. No facts, just emotion. Weeping coverage of the "kid" was a poor boy who was just turning his life around, going to college the next day, etc, and it's time to stir up some zhit in the community. A family picture from 10 years ago is touted as the way the perp was the day he was killed when he was a 6'-4" and 300 pound gang banger who just committed a strongarm robbery, a felony. The usual race pimps and white haters show up for face time. The SAME LAWYER in Trevon's case shows up. From this point onward, the riots rage on, always in their own 'hood. From this point on, all evidence as to the real nature of this 'kid' are labeled 'character assassination' and 'a distraction from our purpose', which is to become as big a media circus as possible....which of course gets our divisive community organizer to put in his comments. I've seen numerous comments about the militarization of the cops, and that makes me uneasy as well. However, without such gear, the cops are at serious disadvantage from raging crowds who want 'payback'. So far, the crowds are not armed with more than sticks, stones and the occasional firebomb, so the equipment keeps the advantage for the cops. However, I think that king zero has in mind a different thing. Imagine a scenario going down next week with his lap dog media cranking up yet another daily event, with a Latino 'victim' this time, maybe a muzlim 'victim' the same week. Oh, my, now you have the most virulent minorities in the country all stirred up, and the sparks jump from city to city (as planned), rioting, looting, burning, killing of any white found, and of course confronting the cops. Suppose in this scenario, the looters have hit a gun store or two, or brought their own, smuggled in across the border along with thousands of gangsters and terrorists who just walked on in. The cops will be overrun through sheer numbers, despite their superior gear. Oh, dear. Now king zero will 'reluctantly' declare martial law, nation wide 'for our safety', along with curfews, road blocks and surrender of all legally owned 'assault weapons'. Katrina?
"Step up when necessary?" Yeah, maybe after a month of dithering and playing golf. As far as female fighters, and a whole division of them? Rock on, ladies! Wonder how that skews the izlamic terrorist idea of 'martyrdom', getting killed by a woman? These women will fight harder than some of the men that ISIS has dealt with so far, because they know they will receive no mercy from the izlamic animals against them.
And that's why citizens need to carry concealed at all times, everywhere you go.
Nice to see Blooming idiot berg wasted his money on this election. However, that kind of money to him is like the pocket change an ordinary person might find under their couch cushions. Next to nothing. He's too stupidly arrogant and full of himself to stop now, though, so expect his interference in many other places as the midterms drag onward, and especially in the next presidential run.
Yep. Untold thousands of illegals, drug dealers, human traffickers and terrorists have done exactly that.....just stroll right on into the USA, meet up with your relatives after they illegally crossed, your gangsters in Chicago or your friendly neighborhood terrorist cell.
The usual democrat whining about the 'poor people' and voter ID is failing more often, but not often enough to save this nation any time soon. As long as there are solid blue no ID voting states, the democrats will remain in power in those places, through the long perfected voter fraud machine....which comes crashing down when ID is required to vote. Since one can not exist in today's society without ID of some kind, it is ludicrous to say that requiring ID to vote is a 'hardship' on the po' folks. However, to counter the ever growing ID law states, 0bama has arranged for the offshore counting of American voters which are no doubt 'adjusted for accuracy'. Surprisingly, this little company is part of George Soro's web of influence, so should we be surprised that 0bama won again?
Just because it's 'allowed' doesn't mean you have to do it....
One can look thru the news every day and find dingbats like this who must stay up into the wee hours of the morning to exercise their genius (or total effing insanity) to connect these dots, invisible to us of lesser intellect, to such obscure, oh so brilliantly disguised, perversion of these so called 'innocent' gardeners. Can you spot the 'code words' that gave away the secret 'racism' of these evil gardeners? "soil purity and non-native species"! There! Right there! See?! They're allllll eeevilllll RAAAAACIIISSTT!!!! Ahem.....But that is some pretty poppies, however.
Yet another lie by the liar in chief.
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