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Well, Mitt, ya blew it, pal. You fell into the same 'race card paranoia' that the sap McCain wouldn't dare touch. There were so much low hanging fruit on the 0bama scandal tree alone, never mind all the incompetence that you could have brought up, that your handlers wouldn't let you touch. Look, you or any other conservative presidential candidate running against a democrat....if you aren't ready to go for the throat on EVERY ISSUE, calling them out on their pisspoor performance, you will not win.
Obama, ever the fool, tells the enemy that our spec ops are active in their turf. Brilliant as ever.
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Policing a Riot

Silas Longshot Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 9:26 PM
John, I think we're all aware that this sad event was chosen, as others before this one have been, for the purpose of this media circus we've seen for these past days. Sadly, in urban 'hoods' like this, blacks kill blacks across this nation racking up numbers as if there were an actual war raging within our borders. We just call it 'urban crime'. When whites kill blacks, in self defense as this case 'may' turn out to be, if outside meddling from the feds doesn't screw up the process, the media stays on the lookout for a juicy case, like this, or Trevon, to blow up the city, fan the flames of hate and keep the wedges driven in by this president, deep between the races. We'll be seeing a large uptick of the 'knockout game' and assaults on whites in the weeks ahead, and unless this cop is found 'guilty', there will be hell to pay.
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The Media and the Mob

Silas Longshot Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 9:14 PM
The whole circus is a media event, from day one. Seems whenever the democrats need to do 'something' but have NOTHING during political seasons, the media, ever faithful lapdogs, will pick a random tragic event and blow it up for race war cannon fodder. Fan the flames of hate, lest they fade out and the black community finally realizes that the democrats have lied to them for the past 50 years.
Just another democrat doin' what democrats do.
This is the true face of izlam, people. Do something about it.
Not much of a surprise here....libs are typically 'conflicted' with a lot of stuff in their lives, so first experience shooting, yeah, excited, do it again, no way, my hands sweaty, adrenalin rush, etc. I would think doing a shotgun on the 'first time' experience probably turned more of them off. If they had stuck with 9mm and maybe an AR, instead of a 12 gauge shotgun, you might have one 3 out of 5.
Alright Kroger! One of my main shopping stores just got better!
Nothing more badass than pizzed off people with nothing to lose, gonna get some revenge. Now, if they had some real training, they could be a bit more effective.
This political stunt, pushed by the democrats and media, will go nowhere, but WILL waste huge sums of taxpayer money in this bogus case. There are videos all over of this cow, female democrat D.A. (a D.A. in both abbreviations), drunk as 'ell, abusive, uncooperative while in police custody which will sink their own boat in this political pond. We'll see if the first judge (no doubt a liberal democrat, if they can work that out) will simply throw it out, for what it is....pure political games.
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