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Yep. Untold thousands of illegals, drug dealers, human traffickers and terrorists have done exactly that.....just stroll right on into the USA, meet up with your relatives after they illegally crossed, your gangsters in Chicago or your friendly neighborhood terrorist cell.
The usual democrat whining about the 'poor people' and voter ID is failing more often, but not often enough to save this nation any time soon. As long as there are solid blue no ID voting states, the democrats will remain in power in those places, through the long perfected voter fraud machine....which comes crashing down when ID is required to vote. Since one can not exist in today's society without ID of some kind, it is ludicrous to say that requiring ID to vote is a 'hardship' on the po' folks. However, to counter the ever growing ID law states, 0bama has arranged for the offshore counting of American voters which are no doubt 'adjusted for accuracy'. Surprisingly, this little company is part of George Soro's web of influence, so should we be surprised that 0bama won again?
Just because it's 'allowed' doesn't mean you have to do it....
One can look thru the news every day and find dingbats like this who must stay up into the wee hours of the morning to exercise their genius (or total effing insanity) to connect these dots, invisible to us of lesser intellect, to such obscure, oh so brilliantly disguised, perversion of these so called 'innocent' gardeners. Can you spot the 'code words' that gave away the secret 'racism' of these evil gardeners? "soil purity and non-native species"! There! Right there! See?! They're allllll eeevilllll RAAAAACIIISSTT!!!! Ahem.....But that is some pretty poppies, however.
Yet another lie by the liar in chief.
BEST thing was to never have been there in the first place. Next best, just bust up Saddams toys and let the closest muzlems clean up the mess. Next best thing, was to leave the place propped up enough to take care of itself. But here we are, deja vu all over again.
9 out of 10 times this happens, they'll have a dead bag tosser on their hands. So much for useful advice from a democratic city bureaucracy.
Spread the word in the Christian community around that mall, we'll see if several thousand customers go elsewhere for their shopping.
Never saw any mention of Subways in this article.
And those figures are what, 1% of the traffic of that type individual crossing that get by without arrest?
The muzlim terrorists know that pictures of dead children, even if THEY are the ones that caused the deaths, are great stuff for the propaganda war against Israel. Like the school, etc that 'Israel bombed'. Lie. Israel's ambassador showed a satellite picture of the launch point of those rockets....INSIDE GAZA. The sub par rockets the muzlims use are no better than common fireworks when it comes to guidance, just aim it that-a-way and light the fuse. THREE of the four launched from that spot hit inside Gaza, at those points the media is harping about. Since this 'religion' glories in death, it's fine with them if they kill their own people. This satellite data is why the muzlims place the rockets where they do...knowing that within minutes there will be a strike on that launch point....they run like hell while their human shields wonder what's going on, until the strike hits.
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