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Yeah, the more this gets dug into the higher up the pecking order it will go, right up to the bantam rooster in the white house. BUT, because of this kind of stonewalling, it will take YEARS to get it done.
There are no 'Jacks' around here, or even in this state, as far as I know, so my patronage or not, is pointless. IF there were, however, I would not cross the street to buy burgers from this bunch. If I recall, some years ago, Jacks was the source of hundreds of people becoming sick from food contamination, which alone would never see me in their nasty stores again. But, this kind of confrontational thing, open carry being legal or not, is going to get liberal panties in a knot. They have even banned cops in uniform with their carry guns from an occasional restaurant (not Jacks, in this case). Whoever has the louder noise in these situation, wins. And it seems to always be the anti-gun rights mob. This will also easily carry over to banning CONCEALED carry, at that point you really start that 'infringing' game.
To paraphrase king zero, 'sure, it's a 'right' to own a gun. But it's the government's place to control that right'. In other words, I don't giveadamn what the Constitution says, really, the government can and will disarm you where ever and when ever possible.
Until the world purges izlam from the face of the earth, this will continue....suicide bombings, murder, raping children, kidnapping, selling girl children into the muzlim society as slaves, looting, burning, terrorizing unarmed women and children, wars against all other religions and on and on.
My crystal ball predicts this will drag out all the way to the presidential elections.....after all it's taken 20 months just to get this far. The democrats will put it into high gear with the tactics they've used so far....delay, lie, obfuscate, lie, black out 90% of documents, lie, take the 5th, lie, refuse to turn over documents until the very last minute after months of delay and of course, lie some more.
Oh, could you describe king zero's support as 'dark money'! Yeah, this is clearly what they fear.....the evil other side having access to the same size money pits as THEY have had as 'dark money' for decades. Poor ol' McCain....king zero played him like a hock shop fiddle on that campaign money 'agreement'. Pretending he's going to play by the rules, he lets McCain get locked into the insignificant money pool of 'old school' politics. Meanwhile, he sets up HIS machine to take $750 million in untraceable 'donations' so his massive ad campaign funds enough commercials that even the most clueless low information voter goes for him.
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Big Day for Gun Rights in NY

Silas Longshot Wrote: Apr 27, 2014 8:30 AM
Maybe the people of the state of NY are awake now, it seems. They find themselves in the situation were a lackadaisical attitude towards getting out and voting for pro gun and all other constitutional rights candidates has shown the consequences in BOLD PRINT with the insane laws that have been passed because they didn't get out and vote last time or maybe the time before that as well. And the leftist fools that WERE elected have had a field day, attacking the very foundations of liberty in the USA. I'm thinking maybe voter turnout from now on 'may' be higher than historic levels, eh?
If there are any candidates with a 'sense of entitlement' out there, you can be damnsure they're NOT republicans who have served out country in the military!
Highlights the utter incompetence ( or clueless misdirection of resources ) of the king zero administration. Busy spying on Americans thru the NSA they miss this chance to really do a number on these clowns. Had they hit them in the middle of their little shindig, not only would it have eliminated a good chunk of these scum, it would have shot their moral to 'ell, finding that they can't get together in groups bigger than 3 without risking being blown up. Now the muzlims will use this propaganda to bolster their ranks of inbred morons willing to blow themselves up in 'jihad'.
Cough....gasp....sputter.....OMG, just snorted coffee out my nose with that comment....'best vice president in history'! LOLOLOL....I would love to see this senile fool run as a democrat candidate for prez....he would Bidenize himself right out of the running so nicely. Yeah, run Joe, run! Well, now I have to find a towel, and get that sputtered coffee off my keybbbbbooard before any mmmmore keys ggget stickyyyy. Oh, thaaaat ws rich!
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