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Introduce all you want, you'll never get rid of this kind of 'agency' in government....too much power.
There, you liberal twits who say izlam gives women 'freedom and respect', is a prime example of the REALITY of izlam and life under muzlim rule. How many American Christians could have tolerated that?
There will be few "allies that are part of the civilized Islamic world" because aligning themselves with us totally contradicts their own 'religion' of izlam, which calls for them to be at war with us, the 'infidel', the Jew, the Christian....any who are not of izlam. The ONLY motivation there will be for those muzlim kings in power who see ISIS as a threat to THEM and their power and wealth. Then the 'alliance' will consist of the tepid response of allowing flyovers or perhaps an airfield here and there. I would be seriously surprised if actual troops, muzlim troops, from these 'allies' to go and fight their more active (terrorist) brothers in izlam. There may be a few who are willing to go after them, like the Kurds, who have been attacked and slaughtered like infidels by ISIS, but those not directly challenged or attacked just yet.....maybe not so much.
Watched this fool read his speech until he said that zhit. Yep, more stupid than ever, time to watch TV shows from the '60' on 'me tv'. Or go arrange my sock drawer. Could his built in favoritism of izlam and muzlims possibly be any more blatant and obvious?? The ONLY reason for even this tepid, limp response to this most savage of all muzlim terror groups is the poll numbers of his incredibly worthless presidency. And taking a cue (demand?) from CAIR is no surprise, really. They probably proof-read his foreign policy speeches before allowing them anyway.
An experienced war vet would be a welcome change over the lifetime politician sucking the blood out of this country.
Hand sanitizer 'expiring'? Don't think so, not much worry there about alcohol, the main ingredient going bad. The 'best guess' vaccine? Yeah, that's different. But as usual, the whole thing is a bureaucratic bungle, massive waste, huge amounts of money and goods 'can't be found'. The 'refugee' (prison) camps, however, are built and empty, for now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7XbObU9Zng#t=25
Other 'signs and wonders' this month and next year....could be an 'interesting time. http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/insideisrael/2014/February/Divine-Sign-for-Israel-Hagee-Explains-Blood-Moons/
As a kid, my family often patronized the 'original' Chick-fil-a, the start of the empire, in Hapeville, GA at the 'Dwarf House'. A teenager started working in that location as a dishwasher. Promoted to cook, then junior manager, then manager, and finally, if I remember correctly an owner of his own franchise location. Average length of time with Mr Cathy at that location was 35 years.
Hey, Mitt....if you run again, I hope you learned that playing nice with democrat scum will get you nowhere. In that first debate you had him on the ropes, but you backed off, wouldn't touch his lousy record, his total incompetence on everything he touched, the bad economy....not a thing. Because your handlers feared they would throw down the race card for any real, truthful, factual depiction of this bozo's failures.
It was a political game from the first day! This tragedy was CHOSEN by the leftist, lapdog media per instructions from the democrat party to blow this thing up, drive the wedge deeper between the races and reinforce, yet again, the plantation owners (that's the democrat party, for the naive out there) hold on the dependent black population. If the population of Ferguson is majority black, why are their 'own people' not prominent or even dominant in the city government / police department?
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