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NBC: Er...Sorry for Making George Zimmerman Look Like a Racist

silas2 Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 7:48 AM
Is the media going to tell us who the person is that edited the tape of George Zimmerman to make him look bad and also post an unflattering picture of him so the whole country can see what this racist looks like? Then maybe Spike Lee can look the guys address up and post it on twitter so people can go over his house and harass him. Does anybody think that’s going to happen? No, me neither.

NBC News has issued an apology after the network aired, multiple times, a tape of the 911 call Zimmerman made to police about Trayvon Martin, portraying him as a racist. This was no mistake, by the way. The audio was deliberately and maliciously edited to make Zimmerman look like a racist in order to push a narrative. I wrote about the embarrassment surrounding this case last week.

Here's what NBC aired and claimed Zimmerman said:

"This guy looks like he's up to no good...he looks black."

Here's what Zimmerman actually said: