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Baruti.....they will never learn because in their bubble, they only see white.
Your "concern"for the black community is heartwarming. After all it's only been 150 years since they have been free, and they surly appreciate your helping them get a handle on this "democracy thing". Why don't you MYOB.
Execution? For what? Governing while black?
If they hate this country so much....let them pick up their marbles and move out of the country. No matter where they go, if they want to plop down a business in any country they will pay their fair share of taxes.
Rubio and west...that's the answer. What do you think that Latinos and blacks only LOOK at who is running and don't LISTEN to their policies? Do you really believe that you can continue with your hateful rhetoric against the voters and expect to FOOL them by running people that look liked them. Your ideology failed. There is a role for a well run government.
Thank god that these rightwing nutjobs were not successful is stealing this election. These people are the American Taliban. They really tried though didn't they? Billions spent, 24/7 lying propaganda, voter suppression. The people that waited on line for HOURS to vote are the true patriotic Americans.
You are the minority. Get used to it. When Americans come out in droves on election day the republicans don't have a chance. It's one thing to lie to the citizens, but lying to yourselves, well, then you don't have a chance. Ever. Really.
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Gross Misconceptions

Sidney18511 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 8:31 AM
The rightwing agenda has been rejected. People like living in a nation that cares about the people that live there. Your dream to do away with Medicare, is just a dream. It will never happen.
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A Dreadful Media Campaign

Sidney18511 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 8:19 AM
They wil never learn Pablo, their brains are too small. Ha
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