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BREAKING: Senate Republicans Block Hagel Confirmation....For Now

sider Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 8:26 AM
Sober voices say Hagel is “Highly-Qualified" William Cohen, US-Sen, R-ME, 1979-97, Def-Sec, 1997-2001: “Mr Hagel is a man of unshakable integrity, wisdom, who's served his country in the most distinguished manner in peace, war.” Gen Jim Jones, Dem, Natl-Sec-Advsr, 2009-10: “C-Hagel is a rare example of a public servant willing to rise above partisan politics to advance the interests of the USA, its friends, allies.” Gen Brent Scowcreft, Rep, Natl-Sec-Advsr, 1975-79, 1983-89: "Hagel would infuse into our foreign policy what's very much needed, strategic influence.” Zbigniew Brzezinski, Dem, Natl-Sec-Advsr, 1977-81: “Impeccable choice for Defense Secretary” Supporters: Nicholas Burns, frmr Amb to NATO, Greece, Ryan Crocker, frmr Amb
Outajoint Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 8:47 AM
Means nothing: you can find people to support the devil too, so what !!!!!
sider Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 8:27 AM
to Iraq, Afghanistan, Sam Lewis, frmr Amb to Israel, Edward Djerejian, frmr Amb to Israel, Syria,

William Harrop, frmr Amb to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, frmr Amb to Israel, Egypt, William Luers, frmr Amb to Venezuela, Czechoslovakia,

Thomas Pickering, frmr Under-Sec-State-Political-Affairs, Amb to Israel, Russia, Frank Wisner, frmr Under-Sec-Def-Policy, Amb to Egypt, India.

Add 10 US-Generals to that list that say Chuck Hagel is qualified to be Defense Secretary !

We need pro-Thorough-Advanced-High-Tech-Worldwide-Military,

Anti-moronicly-stupid-disasterous-fiasco-Corrupt-Criminal-US-Bankrupting-Destroying-ME-military-intervention-War-Mongering !

C-Hagel in general will be alot better than Obama's full-Democrat-version of a Def-Sec !

Senate Republicans have at least temporarily blocked the confirmation of former Sen. Chuck Hagel as the next Secretary of Defense.  Democrats' cloture motion to proceed to an up-or-down vote failed 58-40, with one Senator voting "present."  Achieving cloture requires 60 votes.  Let's be candid: Hagel (a Republican) is unqualified for this job, which is arguably the most important position in a presidential cabinet.  He all but admitted as much during his disastrous Senate hearings last month: