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The only people who support obamacare are those who have their mouths firmly planted on the government tit.
"STANDING" is simply a legal trick to prevent people from having their say in court. No wonder most Americans are fed up with the "legal" system. The sheriff is intended to be the highest law enforcement official in the country because they are elected directly by the people and defend them directly. The federal government has usurped this authority so as to rule over the people without representation.
So the fact that obamacare is lower than whale feces on the bottom of the ocean is a good thing (since it can only go up)?? Only in the mind of a liberal. Insurance itself is one of the worlds biggest scams being nothing more than capitalism's version of collectivism. The worst things we ever did was to offer health insurance in the first place. It's done nothing but drive up the cost of health care by inserting a middleman to siphon off everyone's payments and profits in the name of protecting us from "disaster". obamacare just replaces the disaster we already have with one ten times bigger. Now the government is the biggest middleman of all and will proceed to siphon the entire country dry. Fascism at it's worst.
There is no such thing as a "hate crime". There is only "crime" that involves the actual injury or damage to a victim. Determining "Hate" involves the need for mind reading, guesswork and speculation which cannot be proven, but it is a good way to "criminalize" one group of people over another and to convert a thought or emotion which causes no actual harm into a crime. Welcome to our Orwellian society.
From the idiot who said " You have to pass it to see what's in it". Consider the source.
Misspeak, Newspeak, take your pick. . .
The only test for an IRS agent is the ability to turn a blind eye to tyranny.
The worst trend I see is the push to make "offensiveness" or "hurting ones feelings" a crime. Just think of the ramifications of this. Virtually anything you do, think, or say can be construed as a crime if somebody else simply says so. Talk about the ultimate police state! Now think about the teenager recently "arrested" for wearing an NRA t-shirt. We're headed that way, fast!
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Too Many Graduates - Not Enough Jobs

Sid14 Wrote: Jun 20, 2013 1:04 AM
Actually, there are thousands of unfilled jobs for people who actually have a SKILL. College does not provide you with a skill, only "theory" and an expensive piece of paper. The educational system has done all it can to lure everyone away from learning to actually do anything productive in favor of sitting in a fancy office and stirring paperwork in hopes of having the easy life and a 6 figure salary. That "degree" is proving to be an empty promise, and a very expensive one at that.
The call I'm joining is for the complete abolition of the IRS. Nothing less will have any effect.
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