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Even with these contortions--lumping this with that and that with this--your argument still doesn't hold up. I wasn't hijacking the thread, but simply responding to your comments which repeated an overused and profoundly erroneous statement...a favorite tactic by those on the left who don't like to look at facts.
The two favorite ways to bludgeon Christians (that is who you're attacking, isn't it Raul?) is to bring up the Crusades and the Inquisition. There were actually many crusades and several Inquisitions, but they're usually lumped together for scholarly convenience. For the Crusades COMBINED, the death tolls among "non-Christians" range from 177,000 to about a million, depending on the motivation of the historian. For the Inquisition, the numbers are even more inconvenient for God-haters: about 5,000 total deaths out of around a quarter million people investigated. Over 50 MILLION murdered babies win this contest hands-down.
Raul: "Far more people in the history of the world have been killed in the name of GOD." This is an astoundingly idiotic statement, uttered only because it has become a favorite stick with which to beat Christians. Not only have there NOT been more people in history killed in the name of God than by socialism, but you could add up all the deaths you can fantastically attribute as being "in the name of God" and they wouldn't even equal the total American ABORTIONS since 1973.
As opposed to your well-reasoned and erudite statements.
You'd better be black, over 60, from a Southern state, and have vivid memories of some Bull Connor treatment. Otherwise, your overt anger and classless remarks are just... ...krap.
Sounds like you get your history from "Womyn's Studies 101".
Bloodthirsty...really? Compare the death tolls from favorite issues of the left (abortion) and the right (death penalty). Just over 15 thousand executions in US history since 1608 (long before we were the US) versus over 50 million deaths since 1973 alone. You can add in all the US war-related deaths and probably all the murders and highway fatalities and still not even come close. Who's really bloodthirsty?
A fool's errand, indeed. But hats off for the attempt. I think she simply read the column wrong from the start.
Just anything serious, sensible...or funny.
"The state has no business educating children. Period." I couldn't agree more. So let's do away with all the public schools. Sell their facilities to companies that will establish schools that compete for our business. The money from the sales can be applied to the national debt. The teachers can be paid based upon merit, just like any job. The teachers' unions will dissolve, saving untold cost in both time and money. And our kids will be smarter and more competitive to boot.
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