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Just keep hugging your knees and rocking back and forth, Wotan. Close your eyes tight and hum real loud. That should keep the truth out. Or you could just go back to class...that'll work, too.
Amazing, Zen, simply amazing. I don't think it's actually possible to understand history, economics, and government less. Nor to fill such a small space with so many wrong ideas. It would take a book...or an education... to correct all that you've said. Wow.
Nik, I agree. I've always thought the political spectrum should not be illustrated with the traditional linear (left/right) model or the Harris graph, but with a circle, like a clock. At the top (12) you have libertarianism, with the most freedom. Left (9) is where you have more social and less economic freedom, kind of where America is today. Right (3) is where you have more economic and less social freedom. And at the bottom (6) is totalitarianism. Here you have the least personal freedom, either socially or economically. This is the same result whether you call it "communism" or "fascism". Those terms only describe the direction you took to get there; the resultant daily life is the same.
Great clarification, Togubin. "...the same impulse that never leaves men..." Good stuff.
"Learn history before you try to learn from it."? Makes sense....I....guess.
Wotan, your history needs a little work. Hitler displayed intimidation and violence largely after coming to power; he came to power via elections and legislation, and won favor through promises to the German people. (Sounds familiar.) Socialism is likewise based on the idea that some are better than others. There should be an elite doing all the planning for everyone else (why, if they're not "lesser"?), even as they talk of equality and sharing. Of course, nothing makes people equal like shared intimidation and privation forcing them to be equal. That's why the ultimate shared equality of socialism is shared misery.
You're saying that it is the evil of mankind that corrupts the true and good, is that right? God's ideas were corrupted by evil men in the Crusades and Inquisition, and the high ideas of socialism were equally corrupted by evil men. In essence, you're saying that both God and socialism exist on a higher plane than their human implementation. God is indeed higher than man, and his plan goes on despite the meddlings of evil men, because he exists outside of man. Socialism, on the other hand, is the invention of men...some would say evil men. Regardless, it does not exist outside man, so is entirely dependent upon its implementation by men. As such, it will always be subject to the failings of the men who implement it.
He should have been hanging on a tree years before.
Even with these contortions--lumping this with that and that with this--your argument still doesn't hold up. I wasn't hijacking the thread, but simply responding to your comments which repeated an overused and profoundly erroneous statement...a favorite tactic by those on the left who don't like to look at facts.
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