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Condoleezza Rice is Right About Immigration, and the Nostalgists Are Wrong

Shuckem Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 4:49 AM
As I understand Ms. Rice's comments, she is simply describing what now exists. Current immigration laws establish a procedure for people to legally come to the USA to better themselves, and the laws encourage immigration of people with skills the country needs. So what's the problem? Are some simply misinterpreting what Ms. Rice said?
On Wednesday evening former Secretary of State Condi Rice picked a fight with a large and vocal section of the Republican base, and I’m glad she did. This confrontation is long overdue. Zero-tolerance law-and-order rhetoric about the immigration issue has become the standard for talk radio and other conservative circles, and I think that this fact puts much of the conservative movement at odds with two of its most important foundations: a view of compassion derived from the Biblical tradition, and a commitment to economic freedom and limited government as an optimistic upward path to prosperity.
Here’s what she said:...