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Rejecting the Buffett Rule and Fighting Obama’s Class Warfare

Shrug Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 4:19 PM
As the host stated, Jared Bernstein is the former economic adviser to Joe Biden. He is also the executive director of the White House Middle Class Working Families Task Force. He was also a member of the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry. I think that pretty much gives Bernstein all the credentials he needs to spew moronic untruths. Unfortunately Obama's campaign strategy to demonize successful productive citizens who are the engines of our economy will have some good success because far too many voters are ignorant enough to believe sycophants like Bernstein, and far too many prefer a nanny state over having to productively provide for themselves.

I’ve already explained why Warren Buffett is either dishonest or clueless about tax policy. Today, on CNBC, I got to debate the tax scheme that President Obama has named after the Omaha investor.

One of my big points was that the United States already has a self-destructive set of tax laws for investment. As such, it would be very foolish to increase the double taxation of income that is saved and invested.

Mitchell on CNBC