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Liberals want what they want and there is no objectivity to what they want. When they don't get what they want it is because others are mean and unfair. Liberals never accept responsibility for the bad results their foolishness creates. An unpleasant reality is always someone else's fault. In their world their means justify their ends.
Democrats prove yet again they are enemies of Israel and yet the Democrats still get a majority of the Jewish vote. Obama, the most blatant anti-Israel president ever, got 70% of the Jewish vote in 2012. Go figure.
If Obama had a white, blonde daughter this is how she would act.
An individual whose attributes are naivete, liberalism, and blind selfish ambition is a very dangerous stew indeed.
Western Europe has sold its soul in favor of a policy of importing Muslims into their countries. Thorning-Schmidt's comments give no indication that there's any recognition that this policy is antithetical to western liberty. While most Muslims are neither interested in killing infidels or their militant Muslim brethren, they are also, at best, ambivalent about free speech (which doesn't seem that different from most of Western Europe's leaders' opinions). So as Mark Steyn noted today, if France's population becomes 20% Muslim, it will require that 75% of the remaining 80% feel really strongly about preserving free speech if it has any hopes of retaining the 1st principal of liberty.
What kind of politician are you? You just lost the Muslim vote with that answer!
"Journalists" ask liberal politicians if they wear boxers or briefs; if they'll quack for them; if they had a superpower, what would it be?
Sounds like the Dems are getting worried about Walker if Howard Dean is already floating this trial balloon. The Dems will see how it plays while the cost is low and then, if it tests well, they'll use it strategically to disparage Walker. I think they'll discover that it won't play well with a lot of their own base.
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Stealing From God

Shrug Wrote: Feb 10, 2015 11:12 PM
I'm often perplexed when I observe friends who are intelligent, well-read, critically-thinking people put those attributes completely aside when it comes to God and Christianity. They will discard all of Christianity's credibility in one fell swoop without a second thought because of the misguided statement or actions of one fool who was a priest, pastor or church leader. As David says, it is such an easy out and lets that person off the hook regarding defending the viability of their own position.
Obama only asks for Republican-led Congressional approval when it suits his political needs. Otherwise he just takes out his pen or dials his phone. In this case he and Democrat demagogues (redundant, I know) will be falsely shouting in future election cycles that the Republicans lead us into protracted no-win wars.
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