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Obama Wants More Money

shroomfind Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 11:27 PM
John; I agree. I live here too and did you get a look at the ballot online ? It has multiple "questions" to vote on to allow the state [and Baltimore county] to BORROW more money !! No freaking concept of cutting back on nonsense or doing without. I intend to vote NO to all the borrowing.....ALL of it. But this hopelessly liberal/progressive state will probably get them passed.....pathetic.
President Obama has declined to outline a second term agenda. He doesn't say what he would do about the fiscal cliff that looms in just a couple of months. He hasn't addressed the glaring challenge of an aging population and entitlement spending that is careening toward insolvency. (On the contrary, he has significantly hastened the emergency by piling on new entitlement spending.) He hasn't proposed policies to improve the economy. He promises nothing more on Iran than to maintain ineffective sanctions.

We can glean this much: He'd like to hire 100,000 new teachers and he wants to raise taxes on...