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Food Stamps: Policy or Political Payoff

shroomfind Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 12:14 AM
Uncontested ? Total nonsense. The only people who have hunger and hardships legitimately are the mentally ill and mentally retarded adults who fall through the cracks. These kids who go "hungry', you could give their so called parents $100 K a year and they would still go hungry . No amount of money will fix this. I worked in the inner city for 30 years, with my eyes open.

In an early strategic preparation for the struggle to avoid the fiscal cliff, the president and several Democratic luminaries decided to redefine as essential several entitlement programs. In an old fashioned way of manipulating the public, they began to redefine commonly held beliefs. In the interest of time, we will share only one example.

Last December, Newark Mayor Cory Booker spent a much-publicized week trying to live the life of a food stamp recipient. And after a nationwide media tour, we learned many valuable lessons. First of all, we learned that giving up your daily Starbucks causes headaches, and leftovers are...