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A Free Market Brings Down Health Costs

showell Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 9:04 AM
The best thing the government could do in regards to healhcare is to stop subsidizing the production of bad food, sugar and corn in particular. The best thing the consumer could do in regards to their health care is to buy local from places such as CSAs, local farmers markets, and subsidy free farmers, and grow food in your own garden.
inkling_revival Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 11:52 AM
You're just spouting error, by the bushel load.

(1) Good nutrition is a fine thing, but it is not health care.

(2) The government subsidy for corn has nothing to do with food; it's for the purpose of growing fuel (which is just as insane, frankly.)

(3) The location from which one buys either food or medical care has nothing to do with its quality.
What is the best way to make sure that Americans with chronic medical conditions -- those most likely to need costly or frequent health care -- can afford the insurance they need to meet their bills? The conventional answer, reflected in Mitt Romney's 2006 health-care reform law in Massachusetts and the federal overhaul signed by Barack Obama in 2010, contains these ingredients:

(1) Require everyone to have health insurance, with subsidized plans for low-income citizens. (2) Compel insurers to accept anybody who applies for coverage and to charge roughly the same premium for everyone, regardless of health status. (3)...