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Yep. Over 60 percent of black babies are aborted in New York each year and still black Americans keep voting Democrat. All Minorities will never learn that their biggest enemy is the Democrat party. I do not understand the lack of thinking, but safe to assume it's imbedded in the liberal educational system of inner cities. A rewrite of American history which paints the Democrats as the saviors of black Americans. All of which is completely a fabrication, as Southern Democrats were the original slave owners and Northern Democrats at that time only supported them because of political affiliation.
Agreed, just like California and other liberal run cities and states. Liberalism swallows them whole, And yet the vote them back into office. It's like having uneducated third world countries right in your back yard. Really speaks volumes for liberal educational systems.
Doctor Ben Carson would make a wonderful President. Problem is will he survive all the racial comments and fowl Names from the Racist Democrats "Ancestors Southern Democrats", Liberals, Liberal Mainstream Media and the National Black Caucus. After all, you can't be Black and be a Republican which would require you to think for yourself. I have a lot of respect for Doctor Carson and other minority Americans who stepped away from the ancestors of former Southern Democrat Slave owners to become Republicans. Yup the Old Southern Democrat plantations are gone, and now replaced with a Generational Welfare system, an entitlement class and is no-longer race specific. Democrat agenda is to make every American dependent upon the government. "Welcome to Obama's America, check your independence and constitutional rights at the door".
Obama is going to use his Executive power of the pen to grant amnesty to our felon population. There I did not use illegal. And the Republicans will waffle and do nothing about it because the liberals and democrats will throw out the race card and everyone will run for the hills. Business as usual.
Really don't think there is a debate here. These are liberal organizations and population control is a very real part of their agenda, always has been.
Ms. Landrieu is a typical Liberal Democrat who is on the ropes after failing. Now like all democrats she wiil guilt her voters into supporting her, and most of Her sheeple wiil comply. Stupid always vote democrat.
This is a REALLY bad idea. But it is a Liberal idea. So actually it's a REALLY stupid idea. Ahhh that's more fitting.
Actually not a bad idea.
Campaign Mode? Don't think he ever got out of campaign mode.
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

Showdown1960 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 9:50 PM
DWS and Bidon should go on tour together. Call the two Idiots Comody Hour.
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