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That Conversation With the In-Laws

Shoppin Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 8:51 PM
What a great way to ruin the dinner...why do people have to constantly talk about their political viewpoint on a religious holiday? Better yet to not invite the people who can't keep their mouths shut at least one day of the year. They are so obnoxious anyway.

In a few days we’ll celebrate the holidays with gift exchanges, eggnog, Christmas light viewings, and perhaps a political argument with a family member or two. Given the current fiscal cliff negotiations, this argument may be more lively than normal. Don’t be unprepared when Uncle Bob says that we can fix the deficit by just raising the top tax rate or when Aunt Susan says they've already cut spending to the bone.

Show up to the dinner table with facts and calmly but confidently win the argument for fiscal responsibility. You’ll impress your father-in-law – and who knows, perhaps Aunt...