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Romney Better Get His Act Together Quickly

Shoppin Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 6:31 PM
We have lousy voters who had good choices in Bachmann, Cain, and others. They won't vote for those good candidates. They vote for Rinos. It's the voter, folks. The VOTER is the problem.
Oh, yes, I have seen Republican presidential campaigns ... far too many. Make no mistake, in my judgment, Mitt Romney has everything it takes to be a great president. Unfortunately, my job is to provide realistic analysis about elections. And right now, I can literally see this race ending up as another huge Republican catastrophe.

What the GOP strategists have forgotten is that elections are won as much on image as they are on issues. So on the Fourth of July holiday, Barack Obama entertained military personnel at the White House and then hit the road on a tour of critical...