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Republican Party Doesn’t Get How to Reach Young Voters

Shoppin Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 5:31 PM
The RNC could easily attract youth if they would dump the wingnuts and Tea Baggers, who are wholly unappealing. But as long as the Republican wingnuts and Tea Baggers are allowed to go around calling themselves Republicans and everybody else RINOS, the RNC will lose. Don't think so? Reference Crazy Chrissy O'Donnell and Mike Castle. He was 11% ahead of Chris Coons and she blew it for the Republicans. We Democrats love her for it and hope she runs again. The witch commercials were hilarious.

The Republican Party desperately needs to attract young people if it wants to survive. Yet, the recently released Republican National Committee’s Growth and Opportunity Project report signals that the party doesn’t understand how to reach young voters. One has to wonder if the RNC even consulted young people before putting the stamp of approval on its election “autopsy” report.

The RNC deserves props for acknowledging that the Republican Party has trouble connecting with young people, and for dedicating a section of the report to fixing this problem. The RNC hasn’t always been concerned with winning the youth vote, as evidenced by...