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Educated people always vote for Democrats. Maybe you should keep wingnut kids out of college. Yeah, that's the ticket. Keep them home and dumb or send them to wingnut schools.
Ancient history. Who thought Obama would win in 2012, and as decisively as he did? Blew away the Pubbies because only old angry whites voted for Romney. Old, angry whites are dying off. Minorities are growing. Young people voted Democratic. 2010 was the high water mark for wingnuts.
You can present your position. People just don't care to listen because the presenters are so unappealing.
No, I meant Christians. If we kept all religion out of the public square it would be perfect. That includes Christians and atheists. You don't seem to understand that liberal is not a religion.
Hopefully all the wingnuts will move there and we can make it a country to itself. What a great way to get rid of the right wing. They can ghettoize themselves in Texas.
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Let the People Decide

Shoppin Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 5:45 PM
As young people get older, gay marriage is inevitable. They support it in droves. And the idea that they will grow more conservative as they age is stupid. By that time, they will have had a lifetime of gay friends. Gay marriage is inevitable. It's just old bigots that can't handle it now, and they are dying off. Even George Will admitted it.
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The Gay Marriage Divides

Shoppin Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 5:42 PM
Gay marriage is inevitable. As the old bigots die off, the younger generations support it. And the idea that the younger folks will become more conservative as they age is idiotic. By that time, they will have had a lifetime of gay friends. It's just the wait for the old bigots to die--even George Will nailed that fact. Game over.
The RNC could easily attract youth if they would dump the wingnuts and Tea Baggers, who are wholly unappealing. But as long as the Republican wingnuts and Tea Baggers are allowed to go around calling themselves Republicans and everybody else RINOS, the RNC will lose. Don't think so? Reference Crazy Chrissy O'Donnell and Mike Castle. He was 11% ahead of Chris Coons and she blew it for the Republicans. We Democrats love her for it and hope she runs again. The witch commercials were hilarious.
For people who don't believe in God, you are not. And they vote. You don't get to define truth to people who don't believe in your god or share your values. You will be ignored and mocked. Gay marriage is inevitable regardless as to your beliefs. People don't care. Bigotry and religious arrogance are the basis of the anti-gay movement. Not appealing. You will lose.
Nothing wil reestablish the credibility of the GOP unless they dump the right wingers and the Tea Baggers. They are the losers of the GOP.
Keep it out of the public square and people can't complain about it. It's just so unappealing because Christians don't know when to mind their own business with regard to other people's lives.
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