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All the whining in the world isn't going to change it anyway. Gays and lesbians are accepted by younger people, so all this is inevitable. Just start your own group and leave it if you don't like it. Then you will get to see which group is more popular--BSA or the new organization.
Why not just start or join another organization? Become the Christian or Conservative Boy Scouts or something like that.
People don't really care about term limits. They tend to like their individual Senator or Rep. Dream on, term limits are not going to work.
Isn't that assuming you can get them elected? People laugh at the Tea Party now with it's 27% approval rating. In fact, the Tea Party may have cost Republicans votes.
Corporations are not government entities. If this is how they choose to run a business, that's up to the corporation. Maybe corporations are generally more liberal that you believe. After all, look at how many support diversity efforts and ignore conservative boycotts with glee.
The people voted for Obama TWICE, so that must be their will. It's the will of the people for Obama to be in office, unless you define "people" as only white conservatives. The larger question is why the people find conservative politics and politicians so repulsive.
Mike Castle was up by 11 points over Chris Coons in the polls. The day after Crazy Chrissy OD won the primary because the slower-lower wingnuts in lower Delaware voted her into the race, Coons was up over Crazy Chrissy by 11 pts. A 22 pt swing in a day. If dummazz rightwingnuts want to vote for other dummazz rightwingnuts, fine, but don't expect educated and intelligent people to vote for the Crazy Chrissy's of the world. She is a joke, she has always been a joke--or maybe it was a witch, I forget--and she is never going to win anything in DE. She's actually from NJ. She needs to go home. We don't want her waste-product self here except for the entertainment value provided by her blatant stupidity. She cost the Republicans the seat.
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Making Sense of the Senseless

Shoppin Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 8:13 PM
9/11 took place on George Bush's watch.
Why 65? Some people work long after that now.
Untrue. The culture wars have been fought and lost because people do not share conservative values. They are not low information voters. They do not share conservative values and simply will not vote for conservatives.
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