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If you are a dimowit you can make these type of statements and get away with it ! Now where is all the Republicans ? They should be taking out ads in the news papers to show Windy her mistakes!
The unions are loosing a battle, about time!its time the union workers figure out that they are just like everyone else and how much of that $25. do they pay to the do nothing unions? Their union leader figures he may have to go back to a real job!
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Beam being acquired by Japan's Suntory

Shoot Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 7:55 AM
Another American Icon being sold to foreign interests pretty soon all of obammy's taxes will destroy whats left of AMERICA!!
How come they don't cut a huge chunk out of the farmers side I see plenty of big farms that look as if the owners are millionaires?
to my knowledge Magul only makes parts for guns not ammo and not any part of a bullet whether it is the cartridge, primer or the powder or the bullet, I thought only left wing writers are confused in the difference between bullet manufactures and parts suppliers?
The good Lord needed a new voice in Heaven, so long Amigo!
these are not really trolls T/H gets paid by these trolls hoping you will click on their phony ads Town Hall admin encourages this due to a revenue source, Right Boris?
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"Obamacare Plans Are Worse In Every Regard"

Shoot Wrote: Dec 01, 2013 9:52 AM
Yes Town Hall has become a money magnet all these spammers pay T/H for their spam and T/H just wont do anything about it this site has become Democratic site
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You Say You Want A Revolution

Shoot Wrote: Dec 01, 2013 9:46 AM
Town Hall wont get rid of the spammers or the ads due to the fact that the head of affairs Boris says that they get paid for all this spam so there fore they will not remove them! Thats why when ever you see (whats this) recommended by, or by taboola do not click on it or you will end up with the nasty ads! I'm thinking the staff at T/H are a bunch of closet democrats!
Town Hall doesn't chase them away they pay Town Hall to spam its that simple they are nothing more but paying customers! Just like all the other ads they pay!
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