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wow only libs are allowed to make statements like that about GOP. We still have the right of free speech even though if 'bama has his way that will go to. It would be your "free speech' that goes too
he ripped off 20,000 pensioners to save his UNION Buddies, that is what his great achievement was.
It should be recognized that Michelle was also a hater of America and all we stand for.
OBAMA HAS NO RECORD OR COLLEGE transcripts to prove he is anything other than a half-black man put into power by a bunch of intellectually challenged Democrats. He won't even produce his birth certificate, let alone the millions he has spent (Soros money) to cover up his college days of drinking, coke, and homosexuality
it was LBJ that signed the first civil rights bill, he was by the way, A DEMOCRAT, AND HAS REALLY SET THE COUNTRY BACK 100 YEARS
well he called out the blacks to make this a political statement and incite riots, no one has covered it except Fox. the idiots listening to nothing but MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN are not learning much except more indoctrination. I don't say Fox is perfect but at least they do bringout most of the truth, unlike the mainstream (Communist) media
Saudis paid his way into office (that is why there is no XL pipeline it would cut into their profits), Soros and other billionaires, like Pelosi's husband, and the Hollywood crowd have a lot to gain. they consider themselves the elite and the little guy psilverman is you and you shall be crushed
before getting him impeached you need dems onboard. the House impeached Clinton and the democratic senate gave him a pass. We need more real Americans in the House and Senate to impeach him, you can find the info on line. The House must start the process, I don't know what they are waiting for, they have plenty of reasons to start. the dems delay and back pedal just like on Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the other 15 Constitutional impeachable measures 'bama has done
psilverman you have been sleeping for 5 years, 'bama has told nothing but "lies" he even lies to kids about eating certain vegetables. This guy is the Liar-in-Chief, and all dems and libs have the same talking points. Problems is that the uneducated voter believes what they say, educate yourself away from the liberal talking points and wake up
If you look at the 10 Planks of Marxism + "UN Agenda 21" what you find is the purposeful demise of this country: It’s noteworthy that Presidents George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, through Executive Orders, have signed onto Agenda 21. Hundreds more governors, mayors, and county commissioners have also signed on. Agenda 21 and related programs will eliminate many things we hold dear. These have been declared “unsustainable” and will be abolished. Here are some of them: All private property rights (property ownership) All forms of irrigation, pesticides & commercial fertilizer Livestock production and most meat consumption Privately owned vehicles and personal travel Use of fossil fuels for power generation or mechanized travel Single family homes Most forms of mineral extraction and timber harvesting Human population must be reduced to fewer than 1 billion people you can see how this is being implemented, they already have control of our schools and are buying up mayors and congressional districts throughout the country.
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