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For those saying these kids are "fat and lazy" and the school lunches are plenty, consider this: I researched and created a menu based on what my teen eats using government standards. Teen Boys 14 to 18 require 2,200 - 3,200 calories per day, averaged to 2,700. Teen Girls 14 - 18 require 1,800 to 2,400 calories a day, averaged to 2,100. Menu results were: breakfast (2 eggs, 1 toast, banana, o.j.) 417 calories, lunch (chicken salad sandwich, chips, carrots, pineapple, milk) 885 calories (30 calories over allowance), snack (p.b. sandwich, milk) 326 calories, dinner (lean ham, potato, green beans, tea) 604 calories. Still missing 468 calories (equivalent to breakfast). Athletes would miss 968 calories.(lunch plus more). Think about it.
I do homeschool my kids now, and they have PE every day and eat well balanced meals. That is our choice, just as it was yours to denigrate a large demographic of people you do not understand.
Have to second the agreement.
The problem is most of what they want to give the children is less nutritionally sound than what I sent and was scolded for. Veggie soup, whole wheat crackers, peanut butter, applesauce, and juice is better than boxed pizza, whole milk, and half an apple covered with a cheese slice. And even those portions are tiny, so they are not getting enough calories to function.
Obviously you do not read responses. You can no longer pack your children lunches. They are inspected and discarded by the food monitors.
No, he is not. He is correct. I speak from experience.
Many could afford their children when they had them. Then the economy tanked. Do not post before you have thought through your comment.
It is, unfortunately, about money. They are keeping costs down by downsizing the portions of the healthy food the Feds say they must provide. Schools only have so much money after the district admins get their cut, and the food they have to offer now is much more expensive to purchase than the old school menu. It held true way back when I was in school, and we starved then, too, because of money rationing. Many of us simply bought junk food at the school concession, open during lunch of course, to supplement the school lunch.
I did and was told it was unacceptable. Cheddar cheese, wheat crackers, apple sauce, and homemade lemonade, all in appropriate portions for a third grader, was apparently bad. Next I sent ravioli, orange slices, and fruit juice...still got a complaint. I gave up after I sent a thermos of vegetable soup, a peanut butter sandwich, lemonade, and 2 mini Tootsie Rolls, and was scolded, like a naughty child, for sending candy and allowing my child to have an unbalanced meal. It is not about nutrition. It is not about health, else there would still be thriving PE programs. This is about control through money distribution, and control over parenting choices.
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