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Pew Study: MSNBC Isn't Really a "News" Network Anymore

shmuggy Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 10:57 AM
Exactly the point of the article, you dolt. HUGE difference between the two is quality, that leans right.....the other is horse dung. How can any human being with a scintilla of intelligence, watch or listen to a network that has fat Al as a personality? Fat Al, Toure'...."left nut, right nut".....Matthews, "the member"....together thay comprise one tiny "package".

I've long contended that those who lazily equate MSNBC and Fox News probably don't watch of either network, especially the latter.  While Fox's opinion programming clearly slants to the right (albeit with no shortage of left-leaning guests), much of its news programming is robust, fair and balanced.  Not so at MSNBC.  According to a new nonpartisan analysis by the respected Pew Research Center, MSNBC barely boasts any news coverage at all:

True to its motto, MSNBC has been leaning forward. To the point that its opinionated programming far outweighs its “factual reporting,” according to...