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You mean the staw that is the congress going red in 50 days??? That straw?? Buh bye.
Yeah, you libs that voted in all those libs in congress that supported the conflict, should be voted out of office....ooops, in 50 days, you libs WILL lose the congress.....oh well, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of d-baggers. You too, spanky.
This obviously won't get any coverage on the alphabet networks, or their cable affiliates, but this is a perfect nugget to drape around Hillary's neck for the next two years. I hope it weighs heavily, and she does a face plant.....figuratively, of course.
I'm trying to imagine Barry in that same spot as GW......but can't get a word out of his cake hole because the teleprompter wouldn't be available.
"Delaware" "wounds"......sorry, in a rush.
I kept on hearing from Bobba "the hut" Beckel that given enough time, the repubs would snatch defeat from the mouths of victory, by shooting themselves in the foot, a la Akin and the witch from Delawar......well, well looks as if the libs have the foot wouds.....and i mean HUGE wounds. This sc*m ball, Debbie Shulz, slimy Harry, Barry(...daily...), and it will go on as the libs try every last trick in the mud throwing playbook, in order to keep the senate. This will be sweet.
NBc has a cable news network??? Who is this witch?
I think Romney should run against Barry and Joe, the same way Barry and Joe ran against all things Bush in '08. Slam dunk.
1 down....5 to go.
I call that a red victory......One down, five to go. Come on, baby.....daddy needs a new senate!!!!!
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"Transparency," Obama Style

shmuggy Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 6:35 PM
THAT'S all you have witch?? I guess when there is an indefensible a**hole in the WH, you libs can't POSSIBLY write a cogent
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