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Low info witch! I guess 16 choices of birth control isn't enough. Time canNOT pass fast enough in getting rid of libs!
Would you like my recipe for marinara sauce? Its about as close to the pertinent subject as your comment is.
That ditzy witch is a perfect Barry minion....she ducked, swerved and avoided all questions, and answered in "political-speak".....not one answer to one question. The part in which she was asked to address Barry's obvious lie, or contradiction about the status of forces agreement, was infuriating. She's better suited for a Kardashian party.
Which computer animated movie was it in which a penguin says, as he and his group of penguins have just done something and gotten caught: "You didn't see AAAANYTHING!" Madagascar? Yeah, the Penguins! THAT'S this dope Earnest, and the Barry admin.
Isn't it just prototypical Barry have a commissioner not know the rules of his own agency? Gotta love that admin.
Do you realize how unintelligent you sound? Nah, that would take intelligence. Never mind, idiot. Vote for the fossil.
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You Bet This is Swiftboating

shmuggy Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 10:50 AM
I always KNEW that one or all of these animals would be taken into custody at the most advantageous time for Barry and the libs. This slime ball will be "convinced" that it was the video that made him do it.....and the media will LOVE it, and believe him......yet the president of Libya....THE PRESIDENT, announced from the outset that it was a planned terror attack......and the media didn't buy it. They'll believe this animal murderer, but not the president
Well, this should destroy her campaign, just like the 47% video did for Romney.....right??? Yeah, I'll hold my breath.
How wonderful for her.....then in the next breath, she claimed she was flat broke and in debt.
Agreed......but man o man, can it get much MORE embarrassing for Barry and his minions??
Whew....and I was worried that he was upset, or put off by all these horrible events, and the state or our country.......... I'm SO happy he doesn't give a damn.
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