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I think Romney should run against Barry and Joe, the same way Barry and Joe ran against all things Bush in '08. Slam dunk.
1 down....5 to go.
I call that a red victory......One down, five to go. Come on, baby.....daddy needs a new senate!!!!!
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"Transparency," Obama Style

shmuggy Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 6:35 PM
THAT'S all you have witch?? I guess when there is an indefensible a**hole in the WH, you libs can't POSSIBLY write a cogent word.....so.......
I guess hot running water is difficult to come by in this sc*mbag's home.
Nope.....just his career.
Exactly. This wrinkled P.O.S., is a hypocrite of the highest order.....I hope this suit reveals him for what he is. Pay the money you elitist sc*mbag.
Low info witch! I guess 16 choices of birth control isn't enough. Time canNOT pass fast enough in getting rid of libs!
Would you like my recipe for marinara sauce? Its about as close to the pertinent subject as your comment is.
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