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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

shmuggy Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 4:37 PM
Did anyone expect her to be honest??? She's a lib! That is antithetical to honesty!
I saw and heard that attempt at a debate......that witch, Payne, had a voice that could ruin a bl*wjob!
Well, Mitchell DOES work for a "supposed" news network....so.
REPORTED BY PROMINENT LIBS IN CONGRESS.....BY EVERY INTEL AGENCY IN THE FREEWORLD!!! You dolts seem to forget that Bill Clinton signed the Iraqi Freedom Act.....which called for the removal of Saddam, and his weapons of mass destruction........HILLARY CLINTON warned of WMD....AL GORE, John KERRY.....Lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy....the list goes on. The Brits, to this day, stand by their story that Saddam attempted to purchase yellow cake uranium. You libs fools seem to think that Bush made this up all by himself.....yet 500 tons of yellow cake was found in Iraq.
Agreed. I liken it to athletes, or well paid athletes....they are coddled for their superior abilities, from the time they are prodigies, all the way through professional life.....so they truly belive they are immune from every day morality. Delusion.......laws apply to lessers.....not me.
Agreed, wholeheartedly.....but a good campaign strategist, could connect this to other cover ups, and stretch it all the way through Nov. 2.
I read that when it first was published.....and it STILL Makes me laugh.
Best laugh of the day! Sadly.
So right after Barry slaps the Intel community, Ernest refers the press to the Intel community for answers on Tammoresi?? Yep, typical Barry biz as usual.
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Democrats Tuning Out 2014 Elections

shmuggy Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 4:21 PM
NBC has a cable hews network?????
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