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Its The Green Goblin!! The man must need to sneak up on a glass of water!
The man is a dolt! I'd bet a weeks pay, that given enough time to spew verbally, off the cuff, he'd make an a**hole of himself to the highest degree. ...oh, wait......he's already done that!
The jug eared dolt hasn't been honest since he cried for his mommy's teet.
I hear, from Harry Reid's unnamed source...that you like to sleep with barnyard animals. Okay? We're even.
If you had a hair on your posterior, dipsh*t, you'd debate a man like Mr. Elder.......nah, it would necessitate YOU being a man.........never mind.
Take that comment and shove it, you fossil! THEN, shove Barrycare as well.
This a**hole canNOT look any worse than he does, after a comment like that! Then again.....there's always tomorrow! It's actually fnny now.....he's a COMPLETE a**hole!
"thy" name is Barry......damn, my one decent post, and i mis type!
"Deception", they name is Barry.
Exactly.......but I thought the fillibuster was outlawed! I get nauseous when this guy, Barry Soetoro, Alan Colmes, Juan Williams and Bobba "the hut" Beckel. get air time........and generally turn the sound off.
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