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Sure, why not? Between racism, and global warming, libs have the cause for every bad thing that happens in the country!
Yeah, Benghazi, a "bump in the road" according to the jug eared a**hole.
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Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything

shmuggy Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 6:54 AM
I guess "reading comprehension" wasn't one of your strong points in Grammar school, eh?
Hadn't considered Bolton for Veep......nice! LOVE Walker for POTUS!
NBC has a cable news channel?
NBC has a cable news channel??
Okay, in my one moment of clarity, in between shovelling of 18 inches of global warming, the repubs at least try to examine their weaknesses......do the libbies examine their constant lying?
Hear hear......but no matter how correct Levin is, and how INcorrect the wording of that embarrassment of a law is, Barry and his minions will scour every nook and cranny of legal precedent, no matter how obscure, and sleaze their way into getting past this. That plus the media will trip over their tongues to help the jug eared dolt.
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