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Each day brings a new, embarrassingly cringe worthy comment from a democRAT. At this rate, it will be a super majority in the senate.
"Own the lie"!!! Yeah, at least this witch admits the lie......NOW she can own it. I hope her repulsive attitude helps ease her miserable November. She'll need it.
So you think this woman is lying, without ANY proof that she is......BUT, and its a big BUT, you support a president who has been PROVEN a liar on several occasions, and has openly lied to the country, and the world. ...yes, I, like SO many people, can prove it. It PROVES your an idiot, and a pathetic one at that.
6 million people had their plans cancelled, BEFORE the enrollment period even BEGAN......Barry conveniently avoids that stat as well.
"ridiculously FUNNY things"....sorry.
Hey, this article is very unfair! Barry is HYSTERICAL! The things he says, and the things he does.....are SOOO funny! It's unfortunate that he does those ridiculously sunny things from the White house......thats not funny....thats scary!
No, just let her follow the party of lies. Now THAT'S something to be proud of, you dimwit.
Only two words that Barry hates m ore than "lower taxes".....are "humility" and "modesty"..........He may not be able to SPELL them!
No surprise about money in politics....just like there's no surprise you're an idiot....or that the democRATS are pure phonies.....and even more pure hypocrites......You, as a numbskull, always seem to deflect, and avoid that fact.....typical democRAT. Btw.....enjoy the last few months of your reign of terror....the congress goes red in November, and your limp lame duck president will look even more inept than he does now.....then you democRATS will sit in the cheap seats, and PRAY you don't get treated half as poorly as you treated repubs.
I am SO sick of this boney witch and the liberal name calling......it's time to fight fire with fire.....get down in the dirt with them, and start throwing punches!!!!
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