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The Lord of the Flies Administration

Shmooviyet Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 6:59 PM
Bear Trax-- You're exactly right. It can be painful, bloody, and too often a woman will regret having succumbed to this particular boy/man's charm and claims of caring for her. Seems as though more than a few are feeling this same kind of remorse for the mistake they made in 2008... For the lib femmes who will respond with how great it was for YOU, you're either lying, or you don't remember.
And fought and defeated, stoopid. Are you back on that again? LOLOL
Wasn't it telling how the gang all kept using such similar language during those days and weeks!
If only I could forget-- the other day I saw an "Obama- Our Savior" sign here in Mpls.
Wish we could get something close to that in the neighboring land of Ellison and Franken...
"...run from it..." Thank you for the laugh!
Thank you for your update- it sounded like you were joking when I first read it. Wonder what that crowd of deputies were really thinking when they were escorting him out of his home...
FDR is just so relieved her/his hero wasn't snoozin' last night. That constitutes a victory in FDR's tortured mind.
Is the filmmaker still in gulag? Haven't heard anything about him lately..
It's RoMney. "On his heels"? You mean the way Al-Qaeda is 'on its heels'? If Romney appeared flustered it was because he was so taken aback by BO's sudden change in his story.
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