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Rob Bell's Recipe For Spiritual Disaster

Shlomo O'Kelly Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 9:58 PM
sbemis, God IS benevolent. He long ago concluded that, since both Jew and Gentile where sinners, then He would have mercy upon all. But in terms of salvation, it must be done HIS way, not ours.We are simply too stupid to have figured it out ourselves. And He only requires two things for someone to be saved (see Romans 10:9). That ain't asking much. But yet man continues in his rebellion. Don't expect that to work.
dreadnaught/13 Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 12:50 PM

There are more than two things, Shlomo. You must believe in abbreviation at the cost of staunch faith.

We are not allowed short cuts to salvation.

In the midst of his announcement on Sunday that he now supports same-sex marriage, Rob Bell warned American evangelicals to “adapt or die.” His counsel, intended to be helpful, is actually a guaranteed formula for failure and a proven recipe for disaster. In fact, the only way for us to make a lasting impact on the culture and maintain a relevant witness to society is to do the opposite of what Bell advised.

Over the last few years Bell, a bestselling author and former megachurch pastor, has steadily distanced himself from the mainstream evangelical community. Known for asking provocative questions and...