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Have Some Evangelicals Simply Left Their Bibles Behind?

Shlomo O'Kelly Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 1:01 AM
David Stokes writes:". No matter how much you try to love, reach out, dialogue, and build bridges, the other guys are not going to be happy short of the abandonment of the Bible as a serious document relevant to our times". All of their efforts simply amount to yet another version of a very ancient stupidity; i.e., "Let us go and serve other gods...So how well did that work out for them? The fundamental thing all of us need to know is that the Left/ progressives/ (neo)communists, liberals, or what ever label you wish to attach to them are fundamentally stupid. Period.

In January of 2009, there was a furor over President-Elect Barack Obama’s selection of California mega-church pastor Rick Warren to pray at his first inauguration. Four years later, another mega-church pastor, Louie Giglio from Atlanta, was awkwardly uninvited to pray at Mr. Obama’s second inaugural.

Four years turned out to be a long, long time.

On the surface, playing the Warren card back then appeared to be a masterstroke by Obama – one that further demonstrated impressive political skills, the kind that took him from a backbencher in the United States Senate, to the highest office in the...