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No mention of simply buying put options on your ETF's as insurance. Simple as ABC.
Further, if you want a "livable" wage, then let government at all levels cease their inflationary policies. It is these that drive up the cost of living- which affects the poor and middle class the most- the cost of business, and the cost of government.
Business owners should simply say "No" to an increase in the minimum wage. Why? All logical economic reasons aside, it's simply an unfunded mandate. If a government body wants to fund this, well, okay, let them bleed themselves economically white. But if not, ignore it.
The central fact of all of human history is that God raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead. Romans 10:9 provides, if you will, the "formula" for salvation. God has two requirements: Confess Jesus of Nazareth as Lord, and believe in your heart hat God raised from the dead. Meet these two conditions and one "shall be saved". It's that simple. As to the writers " dilemma with what she should teach her children in terms of the Bible stories, she needs to know that about 85% of the Bible is literally true to fact. The other 15% is figurative. Figures of speech are a very little known or understood part of the Bible. There's at least a couple of hundred of them. So also little known or understood are Orientalisms; i.e., the manners and customs of the Eastern peoples. That the Bible is an eastern book is another reason why the rank-and-file / nominalist Christian in the West has so much difficulty with understanding it. Other reasons for lack of an accurate understanding is the theological mud so deeply entrenched in theology. In brief, like the Pharisees of old, they "teach for doctrine the traditions of men, and make of none effect the Word of God".
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Success or Failure?

Shlomo O'Kelly Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 9:19 PM
In God you must trust, O America. Nothing else will work.
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Paul Ryan's Way

Shlomo O'Kelly Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 12:37 AM
A temptation faced by many notable conservatives is that of some campaign advisor type whispering in their ear about how they may have "national" electoral possibilities. And that the campaign advisor is the one who could successfully orchestrate matters for them...for a fee, of course. So Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Rubio, and Rand Paul should ignore any and all of these siren calls, and, instead, buckle down and become the pillars of a genuinely conservative Congress; and not just a merely Republican one. And, oh, by the way, get behind Newt. And stay there.
Good stuff, Bear. However, I think that what's going to happen is that many are going to unavoidably and increasingly conclude that these people are just plain stupid. How else can we explain their behavior? They simply can't think straight.
Good for you, Stephen....Finally, someone who will tell the truth.
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The Profligate Path to Servitude

Shlomo O'Kelly Wrote: Mar 12, 2014 11:47 PM
Hey, Doc, Don't be ashamed of Solomon's wisdom. (Actually, t's God's wisdom). That's what will get us out of this mess.
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A Personal Note on Inequality

Shlomo O'Kelly Wrote: Mar 08, 2014 1:16 AM
Fundamentally, it must be recognized that everything the so-called Democratic Party stands for is a lie. The oldest trick in the book is to mix truth with a lie and form a powerful psychological weapon. As it is written: "With their much fair speech they deceive the hearts and minds of the simple". Don't fall for it, America. It's all a lie.
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