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Bad Facts about Obama's Prospects

Shirleyjean Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 7:47 PM
If for no other reason; he should be removed because of by edict, has appointed himself our ruler or tyrant and to heck with our freedoms and constitution. Any clear-thinking American should want this clear and present danger---GONE!!!!!!!
Although the polls show the presidential campaigns neck and neck, the facts continue to look negative for Barack Obama. Two-thirds of the American people say they believe the United States is going in the wrong direction, and changing the occupant of the White House is the only way to reverse course.

Unemployment remains the prime political issue, but the Democrats still allow a tsunami of legal and illegal immigrants to take jobs away from U.S. citizens. Obama's Jobs Czar, Jeffrey Immelt, is busy creating jobs in Communist China instead of the U.S.A.

Obama's wild spending is putting...