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I hear you ErneLane2. I've been worried about that too. I've said for along time that I was afraid our Soldiers would be put in the middle of an ambush. I'll them I'm not going if I don't have something to protect myself with. I don't understand why they are having to go to No. Africa anyway....there is nothing they can do to keep Ebola from spreading .All they are getting is exposed to a deadly disease. I'm against our Military Men and Women going there. There is absolutely NO reason for them to be sent there.
I thought Congress didn't have to worry about the insurance plan the rest of us have. I thought they were covered from what I recall I read and heard in the news. What happened? Is the truth coming out that Congress won't get any better treatment than us underdogs as Obummer thinks we are. Obama will throw all of them under the bus when he gets all he wants from them and can't squeeze anymore out of them. When are they going to wake up and take charge?
I agree, and I hope it's tattoo'd on her Conscience if she has one. Her along with Obutthead think they're talking to a bunch of stupid people, but we are way ahead of them and hope to cut them off at the pass. We are not stupid, We are CAUTIOUS because we know we are dealing with the enemy.
Tonto, you said it all!!
You better do a little homework goldilocks......Truman was as Democrat as a Democrat can be. It's people like you that have supported people like Obama and help create the situation that we are in today. Get a life and get a clue. Make the world a better place by doing the right things for a change.
When is someone finally going to do something about Obama? Why isn't Congress taking a stand and removing him from Office? We can all see his rating is drasticly low and not many of us are to impressed with the corrupt ways of Washington. Get Obama out of there....get rid of him. He fights against everything the American people want. We should not have to fight for our Senior benefits, pay higher taxes, our Military tragedys not being given their death benefits, Cancer patients not getting their treatments, Amber alert discontinued....So many things. All of Obama's places of interest are allowed to stay open for him. Do something now and get him out of Office before it is to late. It is almost to late now. Listen to the People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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