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MSNBC's Harris-Perry Doubles Down on Communist Ads: Fox News Women Respond

Shieldwolf Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 6:55 PM
Progressives want Free Healthcare, Free Education, Free Housing, Free Food, more government jobs and a State issued claim on parents children. Then they get insulted, offended and overzealously defensive when we call them by what their political view really means. If it looks like a Communist, walks and talks like a Communist... chances are, it’s a Communist.

Over the last few weeks Melissa Harris [insert hyphen] Perry has earned herself a hat trick. First she refered to a baby in the womb as a "thing," then she declared that our things children belong to the state, now she is proclaiming that we have a right to free healthcare, free education, free housing, and free food at all times.

The Fox News women had a thing or three to say about this--including the Democrat: