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DC Abortionist on Tape: If an Abortion Failed, We'd Leave the Infant to Die

Shieldwolf Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 9:54 PM
Caesare Santangelo isn't the only one calling Pro-Life proponents "terrorists". This administration has already labeled them as such under the DHS profile description. A few more whittled rights or incremental violations of Constitutional law and we will have the Left rounding us up on Obama's Kill Lists and Indefinite Detention camps. Those laws are already in place.

I'd imagine that most people find these investigative videos from Live Action are exceedingly difficult to watch, regardless of their stance on abortion.  Which is probably the point.  Yesterday, the group released its first clip in a series of hidden-camera exposes, in which a late-term abortionist in the Bronx cheerfully describes the gruesome nature of the procedure she administers for a living.  She tells the pregnant woman that at 23 weeks, the unborn child is "fully grown."  When the young woman asks what would happen if she went into labor and gave birth prior to the conclusion of...