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Colingus Wrote: "Pope Condems Trickle Down Economics, TH presumably confused" The pope is a fallible human, just like any other. The opinion that he speaks of on free markets HAS been proven by the facts. Compare America's "poor" or the poor of any free market capitalist society to the many centralised socialistic economies plagueing the world and you will find our quality of life to be much higher.
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A Traffic Jam?

Shieldwolf Wrote: Jan 11, 2014 12:04 AM
Another politician using departments of government and his position of power to punish, intimidate and downright bully those who speak out against him. This all sounds so similar to our current POTUS, I wonder if the press will make the connection.
This just reflects Obama's polarization upon our country. We are heading towards a breaking point.
I knew they would find a way to bring all that "Stimulus" and Bailout money back into their pockets. This is the only kind of entrepreneurship that Progressives know how to practice.
Wow... Just Wow! Democrats must really hate our fellow veterans and citizens. Someone needs to tell Boxer that she is stealing food from US children to feed her illegal voting stock.
Now that we have the Democrats favored opponent knocked out of the way, Hillary won't stand a chance! A real Conservative like Rand Paul & Ted Cruz would tear her apart. Shake and shiver libs, you won't be picking our candidate this time.
There's nothing affordable about it. Obamacare is a perfect fit for a law that forces commerce, kills jobs, cuts wages, induces debt and punishes responsible people.
FYI - The REAL death panels are not going to be a closed traffic lane. They are referred to as the Independent Payment Advisory Board or the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research (a bureaucratic panel that awards you with only the cheapest options of care).
Only the "best" if your a Democrat. Christie is another Big Spending, power abusing progressive who opposes our Constitutional freedoms. Of course you libs would love him. Too bad you don't get to pick our nominees for us this time.
Isn't it interesting how all the Trolls are running to the defense of Christie? They're sweating the chance of facing a real Conservative in 2016 and are scared that this time, they won't be able to choose our Candidate for us. Republicans need only run on freeing our economy from Federal Doctrines and return us to Constitutional Governance to win.
He is a US citizen you know... and if the current Kenyan born President can run, so can Cruz.
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