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They apparently prefer China's regulatory refining environment to our own.
Democrats are ironically favoring MORE pollution and future Valdez Oil Spills with this decision. All that dirty oil is going to be exported on leaky tankers to unregulated Chinese refineries.
Those were segregationist DEMOCRATS you projectionist tool. FLAGGED for Christophobia.
Lying Carlas. How does it feel to be a birther? FLAGGED for irrelevance.
Of course, Holder will hold an exception of this this rule for White, Christian men.
Democrats will be quick to erase any record of this Think Tank study.
She must be talking about all her fellow Leftists. Please stay in the States that you yourselves destroyed.
We still have a lot more to bring before the court. Obama's NDAA indefinite detention law on US citizens. Obama's Kill List policy with the inclusion of US citizens. Obama's confiscation of corporate property & GM shares. Obama's NSA data spying and AP wiretapping. Obama's weapon sales to Drug Cartels to build numbers for his gun control policies. Obama's War on Libya without the approval of Congress. Obama's usupation of natralization laws with his Dream Act Amnesty. Obama's legislation of settled ACA laws. Obama's imposement of taxes through the EPA. Obama's DHS profiling and IRS intimidation of outspoken critics. These are 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 14th ammendment violations of our US Constitution along with usurpations of power from many other branches. We are long past due for articles of impeachment.
ABC, NBC and CNN Presidents all have close family members, siblings and even spouses working in high levels of advisement and media damage control for the Obama administration. They are literally in bed with the White House.
What about all of Obama's other power grabs? Like imposing taxes through the EPA, legislating "settled law" on Obamacare and refusing his role of enforcement on laws passed by Congress?
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