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I don't see why they would go down either. Rates are based on the cost of funds, although perhaps the markup includes the tax burden by banks associated with that rate. There would have to be a limit on the markup rate, perhaps, for that tax burden.
I'm getting warm to the idea, but it must be as hard to change the rate as an Amendment.
Agree. I'd rather see this than the MID, and I'm a Realtor.
Agree. There would have to be safeguards against this. A forever rate.
I still see owner-occupied buyers as wanting a home if their own even without the MID. The MID is a secondary benefit to all the others, including what is usually appreciation after some years.
How us it that interest rates would go down with the elimination of the MID?
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Thanks for the Gun, Stupid

Sheryl14 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 10:07 AM
Similar reaction here, only "we better GET a gun." And that's while we can.
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