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It's the Middle Class, Stupid

Sherri34 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 10:44 AM
Hispanics will NOT vote Republican just like they didn't after amnesty in 1986. We need to learn from history on this. Americans should not be swept aside in a tidal wave of pandering to illegals who have lowered American wages, taken entry level jobs, cost us billions in education and medication. Dems only want them for votes- and they will get them. Enforcement first to end this cycle with NO chain migration. Then right to work ONLY . After that, moratorium on over-represented Mexico, et al and open immigration from Europe as Nobama said to the Irish. Hang that over his head. We also need to end birthright citizenship as most other countries have done.
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Estudia espanol!

Sherri34 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 10:36 AM
The best we can hope for, and we will have to fight the Dems every step of the way; -enforcement first: border fencing, more agents, more drones, E-Verify for all businesses. Prove enforcement for 2 years before anything else is considered - no citizenship, ever. Only right to work here. -must speak English, demonstrated at native speaker high school level -end all gov't docs in Spanish including ballots -end bilingual education -no sponsorship of family members of we will have millions more here -moratorium on immigration from Mexico, etc. They've more than had their share. Now we open it to educated Europeans and stop the Latinization of this country -end birthright citizenship -make sure laws are enforced for future illegals
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One Big Failure

Sherri34 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 2:22 AM
Giving in to illegals is not the answer- we will only get millions MORE coming in Amnesty of any sort will include chain migration ( aunts, uncles, grandparents- will add up to as high as 100 million ) and create the largest drain on our infrastructures ever seen. We see illegals coming over the border every night in AZ, so don't tell us they have stopped coming. Acting like Dems is not the answer nor is giving into illegals and their power grabs. Many are not reasonable and continuously talk about taking over America with their high birthrate and continuing illegal immigration. Border security first, then discussions on work visas. They should never be allowed citizenship. To grant amnesty is to create a perpetual wave of illegals.
Crowley was an embarrassment- in any sane universe she would be fired for her blatant partisanship. Of course, this is modern day American "journalism" so she'll likely get a raise. The GOP are fools for signing off on any of these "moderators".
How can ANY American support this sorry excuse for a man and a President? Americans should be in the streets, protesting against radical Islam, letting the butchers know that we won't take this lying down. No wonder gun sales are up under this President who won't defend his own people. So Bin Laden is dead- any president would have made that call and most a lot sooner than the man who voted against the very interrogation techniques that led to him. What we care about are dead Americans who should not have died. Unlike Occupiers, we DO have something to protest and we should be.
Like many others, Romney was not my first choice for the GOP nomination, but Nobama was never my choice. A man who constantly inserts himself into every situation, including taking out Bin Laden, and then doesn't even help out his own extended family, has no true compassion. It's all for show, according to the Alinsky playbook. He never intended to go to New Orleans and now Mitt Romney has made him look foolish. The GOP should have taken the gloves off an shown Nobama for the self-serving anti-colonialist, socialist that he is, but with an extremely biased media there was no way to prevail. Fortunately, the truth is getting out.
McCain is well known in Arizona as being a RINO. Tea Party members can't stand him. His flip flop on illegal immigration is legend. Palin joined him in supporting some real stinkers here, the worst of which was Jeff Flake, another RINO and supporter of "comprehensive immigration reform" ( he merely changed his rhetoric for the election, but will be back to his compromising self soon). I have lost all respect for Palin.
No better example of the "out of touch left" exists than this man. There are MILLIONS of small businesses that are American success stories and he uses "one in a million" as his frame of reference. My family business is one of them, no thanks to anything that the Democrats have done over the last few years. In fact, Nobama has made trying to run a service business much harder than before January 2009. Interesting that Maher hates everyones success but his own.
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