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Battleground Poll: Tight Races Within Margin of Error

shelfos Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 1:53 PM
I agree completely that the Democratic party is at that point. I just hope that the GOP doesn't fall into the same trap . . . I see several instances of it in the past few weeks, adding to the challenges Romney faces.

The fight over key swing states remains extremely close, according to a new Purple Strategies poll of likely voters.  The data largely confirms findings from USA Today/Gallup last week, which indicated that President Obama has a small edge in several of these states -- but the dynamics are extremely close and fluid.  A look at some of the key numbers:

(1) Mitt Romney holds a very narrow one-point lead in Florida, at 48/47.  A new Miami Herald poll also shows the race tied, with Romney pulling even on the Medicare issue, and most...