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The IRS needs to be defunded along with nobamacare.
God help us if the IRS is actually in charge of our healthcare.
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A Letter Back to Vladimir Putin

Sheila8 Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 1:49 PM
Thank you, Mark Davis. Now mail it with copies to nobama and assad.
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A Truly Great Phony

Sheila8 Wrote: Aug 27, 2013 1:09 PM
Dr. Sowell, you are so right yet again. Obama just caters to the true believers. He only talks at colleges to kids and not adults. No one can dispute him without being vilified. He knows nothing about anything and everything seems like a lark to him. Sorry he had such a pitiful childhood but he needs to grow up and get over it. It is still unbelievable to me that anyone would vote for him to run our country. I wish Dr. Sowell was president.
This is just another way for nobama to give money to his buds, like planned parenthood, before the debacle is defunded and unspent monies returned. There is no way the navigators nor the irs will have my health info. We'll just have to take a moratorium from doctors.
I believe this show's success is because they depict most families in America that you won't see in Hollywood or the msm. A lot of different personalities to poke fun of but you love and defend them anyway. They don't give in to the political correctness prevalent today and they know from Whom their success comes. And Jase getting kicked out of the hotel in NYC, his reaction was a class act. I still laugh out loud at facial profiling. Smart, funny non conformists. What's not to love.
Yep, our cell bill went up more than $5 and it is strictly a tax to pay for nobama phones. How can anything be "free" when someone else has to pay for it? I am so tired of paying so that others can have what I work for and they don't and won't work for. And I'm sure the free phones have pictures and internet, stuff I can't afford. It is getting to be way too much.
He and his ilk need to be run out of town but no, no one will stand up to him. I certainly share your frustration.
There's that "B" word again. Anytime nobama is mentioned, up comes the B word. He owns it.
Non issue? Tell that to the families of the deceased. They are major scandals bud. And it would be really great to hear some reply, any reply, without the word Bush in it. He's long gone and nobama owns it.
She's not going to comply with anything. She broke the law and we are paying her salary for not working. Shocking consequences. She should be in jail but is on a paid vacation. And this is the trash we want involved in our health care? Defund nobamacare and the IRS and Dept. of Education now.
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