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You're right. All they can do is judge, dismiss, name call and attack. They're in a box and can't think outside of it.
You're what's wrong with our country. Just trying to prop up Obama. Does the word "qualifications" mean anything to you? Does ICE deserve someone with law enforcement experience to facilitate enforcing the law? You are the one with no objectivity and zombies like you bring us down.
So nice to see someone who is not in awe of or intimidated by this so called president.
It makes me wonder how much you are getting paid to spout these lies and drivel. No one can be so ignorant and uninformed without monetary reward. Its people like you that are hurting this great nation.
Obamacare has nothing to do with health care - its all about health insurance which is just a huge tax on everyone. The only ones who will be able to afford health care are the wealthy who can pay out of pocket and the rest of us will be in the bread lines. Welcome to the USSR.
No, what sounds right about now is to defund, repeal, get rid of this obamacare garbage. The very first thing to bring down rates is allow buying across state lines. This government take over is a wreck. It keeps changing and money keeps being spent to implement it. Get rid of it now.
While I applaud the people defying these petty closures, my heart goes out to the business owners on federal property who are not allowed to practice their business. They do not seem to have much recourse against the tyrants.
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Destroying Household Jobs

Sheila8 Wrote: Oct 01, 2013 8:25 AM
And the third rule is eliminate all cash payments so that EVERYTHING can be taxed.
I agree its needs to be defunded now. If delayed, I suspect our money will still be used to implement it and who knows where that will go. I would prefer that its stopped in its tracks now.
No delay. We would still be using money to implement it. Remember the 67 million dollars lost by the IRS? Do we want more of our money going to God knows where.
The IRS needs to be defunded along with nobamacare.
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