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Beck, Marriage and The State of The Union

Sheila8 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 8:16 AM
Once again Mr. Blackwell is right on the money. "Gay marriage" is very selfish and has only to do with the wants of the adults, nothing to do with the children. Children thrive in a loving married household and this is for their good and the good of society. I don't care what adults want to do but please don't pretend it is good for society or try to change natural laws to accommodate your wants. If you think you are doing the right thing, you don't need anyone's, let alone society's affirmation.

My buddy, Glenn Beck, has made a great contribution to the TEA party movement and to a renewal of popular interest in our Founding Fathers and their ideals. For all that he deserves praise.

But, I believe, he is making a serious error in abandoning the civil right of marriage. The Republican Party was founded in opposition to two historic wrongs. The party’s first platform in 1856 denounced “slavery and polygamy—the twin relics of barbarism.” Slavery was finally put down with a terrible toll—630,000 Americans dead in the Civil War. The new movie, Lincoln, tells the dramatic story of the...