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Obama Spins Latest Unemployment Numbers

Sheeple101 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 10:22 PM
What lie do we believe today lord BS Obama?
MSNBS is paid by the same people that pay BS Obama... there is little on MSNBS that is not totally tilted to the point of falling over now. I don't care what you call it, once you put your hands in our pockets you can call it whatever like you wars that are not wars, we all understand double talk well... HANDS OFF NOW
We are different and should allow for them to put their hands in our pockets? How stupid and time to get rid of Megan, or at least change her hair color some! She is so well off and she feels we should share, tell her to open her account and start to helping the poorer people as SHE IS DIFFERENT... let her and the others that feels this is good we allow a man that is not even American to put his hands into our accounts to share with others, SHARE NOW and leave us poorer alone! WE THE PEOPLE need to relearn how to take care of ourselves and get control of the White House and Congress again. IT IS OUR COUNTRY not theirs! Deathcare to wars, NOT OF THE PEOPLE! Not even our money is ours or our land!
Time WE THE PEOPLE took control of the contract between the PEOPLE and the CURRENT Governing system... the Constitution is a CONTRACT between the PEOPLE and the working Government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE... These clowns are not even people... the Gates foundation that donates OUR money (every penny gates swindles us out of we have to pay $2 back to replace the missing ROAD and TAX money) to kill kids in the 3rd world and everyone thinks so kind... yes kind of an arss that needs to be held accountable to the ones he killed and the WE THE PEOPLE he stole about a TRILLION from in lost taxes over the years... If he was so KIND he would NOT use deductions to kill the kids in the 3rd world and would simple take it from...
Our so-called school system is a training program and nothing less. When in school the teacher was asking is the glass half full or empty... I asked are you filling or emptying the glass please so I know how to answer the question... I was sent to the office and they never took the time to see, if you are filling the glass it is half full and if emptying it is half empty but if just sitting there it is just half way with no direction. I told them you are asking a direction and not option so without full details you are trying to cheat the people to get an answer you want. Most still don't understand this simple question and look for a deep reply based on what they ALREADY know about the question. Time we stop trying to trick the kids...
Shame Freeman didn't just see that not only is BS Obama not black but he also is NOT from AMERICA. Even the shows like NCIS and others all at one point or another bring out the point we have a president from Africa... gee how the hell is he in office and how did this happen... the ones that allowed it to past by should be in jail with BS OBAMA for fraud against all Americans. One count for each American he cheated... even if a second for each person would need thousands of years in jail to pay his debt back to America.
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Israeli PM's July 4th Message to US

Sheeple101 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 8:52 PM
I hear this and feel so sad that it is all a game to the clowns of the world. I think it is time they learn to deal with their own fights and keep us out of it... go play your football and take the rest and go to... Pakistan We need to give you all back BS Obama and get our country back, let all other countries learn to fight their own battles and for sure they would NOT do alone and peace would start to break out... USA HAS TO STAY OUT OF OTHER COUNTRIES and cleanup the White House...
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